I think I have told you the story of my prom dress a million times, but I guess I can repeat it one more time. For a long time, I had dreamed of a tulle prom dress. I changed my mind about colours, shoes, bag, hair, but the idea of a tulle dress was stuck in my head. But, in the end I had a pretty dress with lace back and sleeves, but the tulle dress remained a wish for me until today.

 The second regret I have about my prom dress is that it was a short one. It wasn't popular at the time for girls to wear long dresses for a prom night. Actually, my generation was a kind of a trend setter for a long dress trend. I thought it wouldn't suit me because I am a short girl, but know, a few years later, I know that everything suits you if you like it.
Today, I am showing you some of the most beautiful prom I have ever seen. You can get these dresses from a web-shop called SherryLondon. They offer many special occasion dresses, you can find everything you need for your wedding, prom night and other special events. I will write about other categories soon, but you can see their prom dresses. There are around 900 dresses there, so you will find something for yourself for sure. Also, the prices start from $80, and if you are seeking a cheap prom dress, there is a price range for everyone.

What is your choice - vintage prom dress, read prom dress, black prom dress or  blue prom dress?

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