Most girls dream of long and healthy hair, but unfortunately, not all of us can live the dream. We are surrounded by numerous tools that make our hair look nice, but the flat iron, hair dye and other things damage our hair - and damaged hair can not be long. I am one of those whose hair can not seem to grow, so I had to find another solution for my hair. Extensions are the best solution for me, and I found them on UU Hair Extensions

The best king of extensions for me are definetly the clip in hair extensions. You only have to pop them into your hair and then you get voluminous, long and beautiful hair. It doesn't damage or rip your hair, aplication is the easiest thing ever and it looks very natural.

The trickiest part of the clip in extensions is the color-matching. You can of course always dye them if they are made of natural hair. But there are so many colors and textures to choose from, so you can easily match it to your hair. You can choose from main colors like blonde, black,brunette, but also pick undertones like golden brown clip in hair extensions, ash blonde, jet black and so on.

Do you like clip on extensions?

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